Lene Fogelberg, author of Beautiful Affliction (SheWrites Press)
2016-08-09, 16:42

Anne Dubuisson is a fantastic editor to partner with. She helped me see where I needed to simplify my narrative and where I could spend more time to add depth to scenes and characters. She has also been a great supporter who helped me identify publishing opportunities and evaluate offers from literary agents. With her guidance I was able to navigate the publishing industry, see my first book get published, be awarded National Gold Medal in the 2016 Independent Publisher Book Awards, and become a finalist in the USA Best Book Awards as well as go on to become a number 3 Wall Street Journal bestseller.

Janet Benton, author of Lilli De Jong (Nan A. Talese/Doubleday)
2016-08-09, 15:55

When I decided to devote more time to finishing my novel—even though I’m a writer’s mentor myself—I knew I needed to hire someone to hold me accountable. Anne offered just what I wanted: a clear eye and a light, perceptive touch as I slogged through another draft, and—later—a sage companion as I submitted the novel to agents. I’m so grateful to Anne, not only for helping me get closer to the finish line, but also for sharing in my joys and concerns with a rare generosity of spirit.

Carol Vallone Mitchell, author of Breaking Through Bitch: How Women Can Shatter Stereotypes and Lead Fearlessly (Career Press)
2016-08-09, 15:48

Anne worked with me to prepare my book proposal and later served as my editor while I was writing my book. Her knowledge of what a literary agent and publisher look for, coupled with how she walked me through the process step by step, enabled me to assemble a wonderful proposal and successful book. What I most appreciate about working with Anne is her ability to prompt my thinking and my creativity, ensuring that I am getting across what I want to get across. She helped me find my non-academic voice, which has benefitted me beyond my role as an author.

Marybeth Holleman, author of The Heart of the Sound (University of Utah Press)
2016-06-02, 15:41
Anne is a finely cut diamond in the muck and mire of today’s publishing world. She handles every aspect of getting a book to print with an astonishing ability to see the nut of the story in pages of circling prose, and with a reassuring confidence and attention to detail that settles authorial jitters. She has helped me through two book proposals and three book contracts, each time helping me find my way to success.
Ellen Cassedy, author of We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust (University of Nebraska Press)
2016-06-02, 15:40
Anne’s guidance was essential to getting my third book published. She reviewed my work in progress, helped me approach agents and publishers, edited query letters, and held my hand through difficult moments. She was reliable, professional, and always supportive — the ideal colleague!
Steve Smolinsky, Project Faculty, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, President Benari LTD
2016-06-02, 15:40
Anne’s expertise at guiding the creative process of writing combined with her knowledge of the practical aspects of the process raised my work to an entirely new level. She has been calm, pushy, encouraging, and aggressive as required as she guides me to new heights of clear, concise, well thought out and well written work. The skills I’ve learned and continue to learn under her guidance have worked their way into my daily thinking and improved the clarity I bring to all that I do.
Mary McHugh, author of Chorus Lines, Caviar and Corpses (Kensington Books)
2016-06-02, 15:39
Anne Dubuisson was enormously helpful to me when I wrote my first novel. I had published many nonfiction books, but fiction writing was new to me. I turned to Anne for advice and her suggestions were invaluable. She helped me make my characters come to life, to make the place I was writing about so real you felt like you were there, to develop a plot that was realistic and vivid. As a result, I found a publisher for my three book “Happy Hoofers” series. I couldn’t have done it without her.
Treva Hall Melvin, author of Mr. Samuel’s Penny (Poisoned Pen Press)
2016-06-02, 15:39
Anne has worked with me for many years, guiding me to achieve my dream of selling a manuscript to a publisher. I see my books as coo-coo clocks, representing all the time that I have poured my soul out to them. Anne is the mechanic who tweaks all the intricate parts and allows the bird to sing.
Rachel Simon, author of The Story of Beautiful Girl (Hachette)
2016-06-02, 15:39
My career would simply not exist if it weren’t for Anne Dubuisson. When I was at a particularly problematic turning point, Anne spent hours talking to me, assessing my strengths as a writer and needs as a person. Then, drawing upon her deep knowledge of the industry and her excellent marketing insights – and employing her innate warmth and encouragement – she recommended a course of action which I followed to the letter. The result was the memoir Riding The Bus With My Sister, which became a bestseller and a movie. Since then, I have written two more books, The House On Teacher’s Lane and The Story of Beautiful Girl, and I turned to Anne both times before I showed the manuscripts to anyone. Her exquisitely smart editorial comments tightened and deepened both manuscripts in key ways, thus making both books more appealing to my agent and to major publishers. I tell every serious writer I know to seek her services, and everyone who has listened to me – even those who have yet to sell their books – has been immensely glad that they did.
Frank DiBernardino, author of Optimize Human Capital Investment
2016-06-02, 15:39
Anne helped me with a book I wrote, and a series of blogs. Every manuscript and document she edited resulted in a product that was far better than what I had given her to review. I’ve been complimented several times on my writing, and I quickly respond…”I have a great editor”.
The process of working with Anne was always constructive and collaborative. She even had a pleasant way of convincing me, from time to time, to “park” some of the copy. And she was right.
Jonathan McGoran, author of Drift and Deadout (Tor/Forge Books)
2016-06-02, 15:38
Anne Dubuisson is an invaluable resource: a publishing professional for over 20 years who combines industry savvy and keen editorial insights with an ability to share her knowledge and expertise in a way that’s engaging and fun. She’s a pleasure to work with, and she gets results.
Cheryl Rice, author of Where Have I Been All My Life? (SheWrites Press)
2016-06-02, 15:38
I’m quite sure that it weren’t for Anne my goal of writing and publishing a memoir would not have been achieved. Anne very quickly understood my objectives for writing my book, the story I wanted to tell, and the best way to tell it. She held that vision throughout the writing process and offered consistently useful, insightful, spot-on feedback to help me achieve it. Not only that, Anne thoughtfully helped me determine the best path for publication, and served as an invaluable confidant and consultant throughout the publication journey. I hit the jackpot working with Anne. She is a delightful and consummate professional who made the entire process enriching beyond expectation.