You are an established writer and have already published your first, second or maybe even tenth book. You are having difficulty selling your next one, or you want to increase your readership, or you can’t decide what to write next to remain successful in this difficult publishing climate. Here’s what I can do for you.

Listen to your “publishing story” and read some or all of your works-in-progress.

Advise you on next steps in your writing career, covering such issues as whether or not to find a new agent, which ideas to pursue or reconsider, and how to look at your writing career in a new way so that you can be better positioned for a successful book.

Book Promotion Support

You have sold your first book to a publisher. You are told that you need to start a website, start a blog, get on the promotion wagon. How do you sort out all of these demands, and where should you focus your priorities?

I will help you prioritize your tasks, and develop your promotional materials—from blogs to book jacket copy, testimonials to op-eds. We’ll work together to formulate the best promotional materials for your project.

Navigating the Publishing Process

You are a first-time writer in the process of submitting your work to agents or publishers and are left with a lot of questions about the process. What does this agent really mean? Why am I receiving contradictory responses? Should I revise? Should I change course with a different book or contact different kinds of agents?

Contact me and I’ll give you a candid assessment of your submission materials to help put you on the right path.

Advice You Can Trust

As a former agent and longtime consultant, I’ve witnessed how many good books and strong proposals don’t get the attention they deserve because they are poorly presented.

Let me guide you to take the best steps in presenting your most marketable ideas in the best light.

What About My Query Letter?

It’s often a poorly written query letter that is holding you back. Together, we will craft a new one that succinctly and engagingly highlights the content and marketability of your work and your credentials.