You are an expert in a particular field and see a gap in the bookstore shelves that your expertise can fill. You’re considering writing a new business guide, a self-help book, biography, or other book of nonfiction. You wonder: is this something that will interest a publisher?

Before you embark on writing a manuscript, you should write a book proposal.

What Is a Book Proposal?

A book proposal is a highly polished 30- to 60-page document that you will present to a publisher or literary agent in order to obtain a commitment to publish or represent the project you are writing. It contains the following elements: overview, audience, chapter outline/summaries, sample chapter, bio, competing books, and marketing plan/platform (including any endorsements).

I have worked with numerous authors on crafting successful book proposals that sold their books to publishers. I will teach you how to write a book proposal and guide you through each step of its development. You’ll know what to include, what to leave out, and how to engagingly and persuasively sell your book idea.

Book Proposal Evaluation

Your book proposal isn’t getting anywhere. Agents and publishers aren’t interested. Maybe the idea isn’t a strong one, or maybe the proposal itself just isn’t robust enough.

With my extensive publishing industry background and knowledge of the current publishing environment, I know what publishers and agents are looking for. I will help you make the needed changes to your proposal so you can put what they want in their hands.

Creating a Book Proposal That Pops

I will help you determine the specific concept, scope, and structure for a book that will be engagingly written, original, and potentially salable to a traditional publisher.

I will work closely with you to create a dynamic book proposal for you to present to agents and publishers. My work will include evaluating and editing all of the elements of the proposal, including the overview, table of contents, sample chapters, biographical note, and marketing plan/platform to create a document that shows your ideas and you in the best light.

I will offer specific advice on the next steps to take in seeking an agent or publisher.

Contact me and we’ll get your proposal started.