You’ve written a book—a novel, a short story, a memoir or another work of nonfiction—and you’re wondering if it’s good enough to publish. Of course, you have friends and family who will tell you it’s brilliant, but where do you go if you want a professional evaluation?

You’ve come to the right place.

My team and I will help you determine if the work is the best it can be, guide you to take it to that level, and show you the steps you should take to see your manuscript in print.

Professional Publishing Consultant

With my extensive background working with published authors and deep knowledge of the publishing world, I can provide an unbiased professional assessment of your manuscript. I will give you valuable feedback such as whether the writing and content are suited to your desired audience and how to improve your chances for publication.

Fiction Manuscript Evaluation

For fiction writers, I will help you explore creative new ways of thinking about your work and will review such key elements as character development, structure, credibility, pacing, and voice and make sure these important elements are handled at publishing industry levels.

Nonfiction Manuscript Evaluation

Nonfiction manuscripts will be evaluated on style, structure, flow, and how you identify and reinforce your core messages.

Professional Manuscript Review

Whether it’s a novel, a memoir, or other nonfiction work, I will give your manuscript a professional reading and come back to you with clear, actionable insights into how to make the writing better, highly readable, and more appealing to a publisher.

Marketing Your Book

It feels great to write something you believe in. It feels better to publish it and gain readers and fans who are hungry for your content. Your manuscript review will also include an assessment of how marketable the work is in the current publishing climate. I will examine the subject matter, originality, and potential readership of the manuscript and then recommend the best course of action for you to take. This may include submission to literary agents, small presses or online journals, or self-publishing.

You will receive clear guidance on how to improve your manuscript, applause for what works, and direction for the next steps to take in your publishing journey.

Your story is important and deserves the best chance at being published. Contact me for a professional manuscript review.