You are planning to write a memoir, a business book, or another work of nonfiction. A good idea is a good first step, but where do you go from there?

My team and I are here to help guide you in how to write a manuscript and how to become an author.

Manuscript Writing

I have guided numerous writers to bring their ideas to light and can help you too. I will lead you to a clear understanding of your desired audience, your goals, and your expertise to make certain your ideas are on the right track.

I will evaluate the originality and marketability of your book project and coach you on the process of becoming an author from outline to finished manuscript. I will  guide you chapter-by-chapter, tailoring my advice to highlight your unique voice, vision, and the audience you wish to reach.

Professional Manuscript Guidance

You think you have a good idea for a book and charge ahead. But is it what you should be writing based on your experience and knowledge? And do you have the right map to guide you forward?

I will provide that map—so you know where you need to go and how to get there.

I will set deadlines for writing assignments, carefully review completed work, and offer as much guidance as you need with clarity, insight, and gentle humor to keep you on track to finish your book.

Throughout this process, I will advise you on the best publishing route for your project. When the manuscript is ready, you will feel informed and assured of next steps.

Our work together will be a true collaboration with a shared goal of creating a work you can feel proud of and I can feel assured will reach its audience.

What is your idea? Let’s see how we can turn it into a book. Contact me to get started.